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Exclusive Services


Business Development & Strategy

We help businesses remain competitive by analyzing business practices and devising strategies for improvement. This is done through defining company markets, identifying industry trends and creating strategies to improve performance and revenue 


Marketing & Branding

Our team will establish a thorough marketing plan, a marketing message, and search for the appropriate marketing mix so that you reach your target audience. Options include a refresh of the brand's LinkedIn presence, modernizing the website, designing marketing cards, and generating a company overview presentation. 


Competitive Intelligence 

We enable organizations to reduce strategic risk and increase revenue opportunities by developing a deep understanding of what has happened, what is happening, and what may happen in their operating environment. 


Proposal Management

Proposal coming up? We help your team evaluate RFPs, generate a compliant plan, and manage the execution of said plan with the end result being a compliant, competitive, and appealing proposal. Our method generates a thorough compliance matrix, integrated master plan, and integrated master schedule which when done correctly minimizes risks for you and your customer and ensures a solid foundation to successfully manage the program when you win it. 


Program Management & Compliance 

We help your team establish sustainable programs by using easy to understand program management tools and procedures. This is accomplished by creating integrated product teams that use risk matrix, critical path scheduling, and an action item list. It doesn't need to be difficult or complicated. We begin slow and grow into something special that your customer will value and appreciate leading to viable, profitable business.


Mergers & Acquisitions 

Looking to buy or sell a Defense Manufacturing or R&D facility? Our extensive network and recent experience streamlines the approach and ensures all parties leave the table happy. 

Let's Work Together

We help companies find new business and maintain current business by connecting them with the right people within the military, government, and defense industry.

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